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Tricks to Shop for New Clothes Without Feeling Guilty

Frugality does not mean eliminating monthly funds to buy new clothes. There are many ways to outsmart your new clothes collection in the closet without draining your money. All that is needed is foresight to look for exciting places that sell clothes at low prices, or choose the right time when to shop for new clothes. Here are seven tricks to shop for clothes without being extravagant:

Shopping for the clothes that have passed the season

Some reputable clothing brands every month or three months must issue the latest model collections. This latest collection is definitely expensive and does not offer discounts. But, wait for the next few months or until the season changes, where the latest collection will come out again. This means that the old stock in each store must be removed. Even targeted clothes will immediately drop the price. If you want to be more patient again, just wait until the end of the year where price cuts can sometimes drop dramatically. At that time, shopping for new clothes will feel light and without feeling guilty for expulsion.

Buy a Quality Classic Dress Model

Every time I will hunt for new clothes in malls, distros or clothing stores, what must be kept in mind is our carefulness in choosing a clothing model. Choose a classic dress model and open many choices to mix and match. For example white shirts, black trousers, or plain t-shirts. With classic models like this, the choice will certainly vary, from the market brand to the international fashion designer brand. What is clear is the price.

Although funds remain a major concern, it’s also worth considering the quality of clothes with these classic models. There is no harm in spending more money to buy good quality clothing. This prevents us from often buying new ones because the low-quality ones will quickly be damaged. By collecting high-quality classic clothes, Mama automatically saves in the long run.

Don’t be affected by the promotion

In malls there are often interesting campaigns such as the Midnight Sale or promotions ahead of Hari Raya. Malls or large product brands also often send e-mails about the promotion of their products which is very tempting. Every time I know of a sale at the mall, one thing to keep in mind is: Is the item to be purchased really cheap, or does the desire to buy come only because of the tempting promotion? In addition, consider carefully whether we need it or not. Psychologically, there is a certain satisfaction when buying goods at low prices, but cheap goods can make us wasteful because we don’t really need them.

Pay Attention to Dress Care Methods

Every time you buy clothes, pay attention to the clothes care method listed on the clothing label. This is to avoid high laundry costs after each wear the clothes. It must be remembered that clothes that can only be washed by dry cleaning will certainly increase our expenses. How much Mama’s clothes require washing like that? If you collect clothes with expensive maintenance costs, obviously it will be troublesome.

Caring for clothes according to the label

In addition to avoiding buying clothes that are labeled clean dry only, what must be considered is to ensure that clothes care is carried out properly. Following the care label instructions given from the clothing company will help the life of the clothes longer. So, always pay attention to whether the clothes should be washed only with cold water, only to be aired to dry, or to be washed by hand.

Product defects? Don’t Shy Ask for Additional Discounts

Buying clothes at the mall may be difficult to add discounts, but if you shop at a modern market, distribution, or online store, do not hesitate to ask for additional discounts. Try to be more careful before buying: pay attention to whether there are details of missing or damaged clothes such as loose stitches, missing buttons, or other dirty stains. Actually such a flaw can still be repaired at home, but instead of returning to the clothes rack, try flirting with the shopkeeper to give a discount. In such stores, sellers or shop owners will usually be more flexible to give discounts.

Shopping in Alternative Places

Shopping for clothes in the mall is practical and presents a variety of choices. However, there are still many alternative places to shop for clothes that are no less interesting. Modern markets may not have air conditioners like those in malls. However, price bargaining to get an economical price might be possible. Or try hunting for items through online stores, or sellers on social media, which allows you to make price comparisons with just one click. Kta also does not have to spend transportation costs or parking for shopping.